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  1. Faults & Technical
    Hi all. I own troc 2.0 tdi 4motion man. 2018. Out of the sudden after dead battery 2 days after the gearbox got in safe mode and the car doesn't change gears. Vw dealership inspect the car and told me need to change gearbox controller. Car have 52000km bought it quarter of 2019. After...
  2. Faults & Technical
    Hi everyone, I have VW T-roc 2021. Navigation license was activated to my vehicle last week. But The reflection on the active info display is not fluent at all. Do you have a comment? Thank u
  3. Main Volkswagen T-Roc chat
    40 months on, my 'better- half' has qualified for a Motability car so it's meant I could sell my TROC Design 1.5 petrol manual, to Fords of Winsford, Trafford Park, Manchester for an amazing £22,000.(Paid £25,300 6/9/18). With only 4,423 miles on the clock it has now been listed on FOW's...
1-3 of 3 Results