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Hi, I've purchased a 1-yr old used white t-roc, spec per title, being delivered next week. We are taking a risk (on us) as we are buying the car unseen and going by the garage supplied whatsapp videos. Its being supplied by a Volvo main dealer in Lincoln. They checked out OK and extremely helpful on the purchase. A couple of questions for the forum, as I've never owned a T-roc before though test drove a manual and loved it.
Q1 - United spec. We know it comes with heated seats and a blue style trim, plus US-C. There is something else to do with increased or 'different' headlamps. Can anyone help explain what the difference is (if they have a utility spec!)
Q2 - As a newbie to T-Rocs, are there any common 'gotchas' we should look out for ?
Q3 - VW dealers in Sussex. We'd prefer to keep the car within main-dealer servicing. Any recommendations as to the best Sussex based dealer.

Apologies if there are threads for these Q's already !
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