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New boy here!

We have a 2021 2.0 TDI 150, already at 11K miles. No sign of a service needed yet, but I though it could do with an oil change.

Kit of bits from TPS.

Gadget Material property Font Audio equipment Gas

Oddest looking oil filter I've ever seen. They do seem to be getting smaller these days....

Hood Wood Chair Gas Automotive design

I guess this is the same 2.0 TDI block in all VAG stuff, different manifold and ancillaries than I've seen before. Massive undertray and thick sound deadening on the sump;

Tire Car Hood Vehicle Automotive tire

Some neat quarter turn fixings on the undertray I've not seen before;

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Wood Bumper

Arrrh... There's the oil filter, tucked in the front above what looks like an aux water pump;

Automotive tire Light Motor vehicle Black Automotive design

One T25 bolt removed, and the pump can be moved out of the way for access to the oil filter;
Automotive fuel system Automotive tire Black Motor vehicle Automotive design

Old filter. I bet that's full of small particles from running in.....

Hood Automotive tire Water Wood Bumper

All done. Still made a mess;

Road surface Asphalt Floor Gas Composite material

All in all quite a pleasant Sunday. Whilst oils and materials are so much better these days, I didn't want to let this oil sit in there for 20K hot turbo charged miles. I disconnected start/stop on day one too, as that's no good for the turbo longevity.

Whilst not an intentional VW fanboi, I seen to have quite a few VAG products in the home fleet. Here's the rest of the filters for my oil changes over the next few weeks.

Product Shipping box Packing materials Wood Packaging and labeling

Have a guess if you want as to what they are. They'll all VAG group vehicles, one 4 Cyl turbo, one 4Cyl bi-turbo, a V8 and a V12.

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If you are looking for 'customers' then I'm out 馃憥馃拃
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Pretty sure that 'extra' water pump is to cool the turbo when the engine stops...
Does that mean I don鈥檛 actually have to sit with the engine running for a few minutes after a motorway drive? That water pump will cool down the turbo if I switch off the engine immediately after parking?

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All modern cars have an after run water pump to cool the the turbo.
it is still best to let the turbo cool a bit after a hard run. You don鈥檛 have to let the engine idle for a min or so. But you will be the one buying a new turbo.
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It looks like that pump is for the charge cooler water circuit. It's circulated separately from the engine cooling water and thermostat circuit.

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Hi - I'm about to buy a TRoc 2.0l TDi year 2020 so thanks for the post & photo's. Once the warranty is over I will be doing the servicing as I have always done for the family cars. But the position of the oil filter and the mess.....& I imagine those electrical cables get soaked in oil.

My current golf EA189 is easy with the filter at the top of the engine.

I used to have a Chrysler Voyager with a horizontally mounted filter at the rear of the engine and had to be changed from down was a pain as oil ran down the block so I used ramps to lift the front higher and slowly unscrewed filter to let it dribble along the filter and drip off the rear into oil bucket......took a while to drain though.

I'm hoping there is enough room under the troc to get a plastic cup over the filter as its unscrewed to catch the oil and minimize the spills when the time comes.

Filter looks like the one used in a merc slk.....but this is easily done as its done from the top of the engine.

Whilst I'm do you find the 2.0l it a good drive and any issues?
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