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I picked up a T-Roc R Line 1.5 manual in June, very nice car apart from one problem, the tyre pressure monitors kept activating, telling me I'd lost pressure in the tyres. This happened with all 4 wheels on numerous occasions and the dealer failed to find or rectify the fault. After a couple of months the dealer agreed to order a new car, delivery expected in November.

After one of the numerous times in the workshop I noticed some damage to the drivers door, on the plastic trim at the bottom, just like the door had been opened onto a sharp 3 separate places. As the R line has a colour coded bottom (mine is pure white with a black roof) it was easy to spot, as opposed to the black plastic trim with other models.

I contacted the dealership to complain, but they were adamant it wasn't them. As it was now September and I was due a replacement car in November I decided not to pursue.

Finally delivery day comes, 18th November, arrive at dealership to see the shiny new car. Complete change over paperwork, then look at the car, (I know what to expect as I've been driving the exact same one for 5 months). Within 30 seconds I spot some damage to the bottom of the drivers door in the exact same spot as on my previous car. Sales staff can't understand how it happened as the car comes completely wrapped from VW, but assure me that they can just order the new plastic trim and change over easily. With this assurance I accept the car. I take the car home, check it over, one of the front fog lights isn't working, back to the dealership to have it refitted.

I then contact the Dealership manager to express my frustration and disappointment, who says he will investigate the damage. It turns out that they did damage both cars. The ramps they use have protected parts that stop doors etc from being damaged, but due to the Troc being new and having different shape doors, when opened on the ramp it catches an area that is not protected, so dents the door....

It also turns out that the plastic trim comes unpainted and the door will have to be matched in. If i'd known this on pick up day I wouldn't have accepted the car.

Ian H
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