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Hi Guys,

Placed an order for my T-Roc back on the 1st of May. The car has literally changed to 'With the Factory' in the last week. Since I joined the forum I have decided to make a few changes to my spec;
- Colour
- Additional options based on recommendations

Contacted my dealer today who are telling me due to the MY19 Updates I cannot change the spec of the car despite my order not being confirmed and locked in. They have said they can email the factory to ask for the requested changes but its not guaranteed as their dealer system is locked for all pending cars until Mid-August.
If it wasn't for the MY Update (To comply with WLTP) it wouldn't be an issue so a bit frustrated.

Do I keep my current order - Apparently provisionally allocated to BW38 or
Re-Order - Advised lead time is currently 22-26 weeks :S
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