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Well if you're happy @Vernerbongo2 that's all that matters.

I have consumption displayed in my left dial and it always mirrors what I select in the MFD (that centre bit between the dials). What is displayed in the MFD can be altered as I've described above. If yours is currently displaying 'Since refuelling', try pressing the 'OK' button on the right of the steering wheel. The MFD should then display 'Since start', press OK again and the MFD will should display 'Long-term' (I think that is the correct sequence), press OK once more and the MFD should revert back to displaying 'Since refuelling'.

As the MFD cycles through these 3 sets of data, the Consuption dial should also change to show the same data set. If your Consumption dial doesn't follow the MFD then that might be a difference between 2018 and 2019 cars. Perhaps some others will confirm if their 2018 cars are like yours or mine. But as I said, if you are happy then you may prefere just to leave it as it is.

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@Impala my centre displays (between dials) since refuelling & the centre of left dial since start. (no mirror)
When I press OK at any stage it just cycles through the two no dial screens, then back to the dials. (speedometer & rev counter)

My obdeleven tells me there's a cockpit software version update from 0620 to 0640, that might add something?
I've seen this update done via SD card but I can't be certain of the correct update file. Can't get anyone to guide me in the right direction.
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