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spent that last couple of months shopping for my next company car, started the process with work today to get:

1.5 TSI SE manual
LED lights
Pan roof
Winter pack
18" adamantium (dark) wheels
Sports suspension
pre-crash seatbelt tuggers

I test drove a 1.5 SEL a few weeks back and was impressed by the performance, i wasn't expecting much as i'm coming from a vRS with 230 bhp but it felt good. Not as quick obviously but definitely enough for daily driving.

I would have loved to have another vRS (or a cupra, or even maybe a honda civic type r) but running any sort of fast company car is just getting way too expensive these days, hence the switch to the roc. This will save me about 140 a month compared to my current car.

Has anyone spec'd the sports suspension? I can't find any info on it.. it wasn't much money and apparently lowers the car a bit so i added it on, but would appreciate feedback if anyone else has it already?

This will be prob the 20th or so VW i've had, long string of GTI's in the past.. and it will be the second brown VW as it'll sit alongside my 1978 westfalia which is also brown :)
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