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It has long been a source of complaint about the rear of cars with only one of each reversing light and one rear fog light. I think it makes them look very un balanced, and not very safe. I took this up with vauxhall the maker of my last car, as some of their models have two of both rear fog lights and reversing lights in pairs on the back and look far better , and it is a lot safer.
It was one of my first questions in the showroom when I was ordering my T-Roc. I was told and shown that there were two reversing lights, so I expected two fog light as well, FANTASTIC I said. Yesterday while i was waiting for my Grandson coming out of school, and while being reversed towards the glass of the baths window I tried all my rear lights which looked good. 2 Reversing lights Tic. 2 Rear red lights Tick. Number plate lights good and bright Tick, must be LED ones like the rest then rear fog light only lights up on the off side, no Tick, What's going on? Don't they think that after Brexit we will be allowed to bring our cars back into Europe when it is foggy as there is no fog light on that side of the car. How short sighted is that?

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