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Hello guys!

Sunny greetings from Sweden :)

Haven't seen any other swedes on here, could it be that im the first one?!

Anyways! Ordered my T-roc in the end of march and it got delivered to my reseller yesterday, pickup is schedueled to friday!
Im so exited! Gonna be such a contrast from the Clio that im currently driving.

Im also very stoked that im taking delivery of it before the end of june.
For those of you who don't know - The swedish government decided to raise the tax of all new cars that are registred after the 1st of july.
That means that if i were to pick up the car in the middle of july instead I would be paying aprox 50 pounds more, each month, for the first 3 years - in taxes.

Specs of my car is in my signature, the 190 BHP 2,0 TSI is a beast :D
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