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The most common 5 "standard" bolt holes (correctly termed "pitch circle diameter") are:

5 x 100
5 x 112 (VW T-Roc)
5 x 114
5 x 120

The jag is a bit of an orphan - they are 5 x 108.

None are interchangeable with each other.

There are many other "5 x" sizes, these are just the most common ones.

The other factor is the centre bore (which is 57.1 on the T-Roc and 63.4 on the jag). The centre bore locates the wheel centrally on the hub and carries all the weight loading - the wheel studs secure the wheel the hub and help transmit acceleration and braking forces. If the centre bore is mis-matched, nothing good will come of it. Worst case scenario is wheel studs failing (because they aren't actually designed or intended to carry the weight of the vehicle).

Since many late model VW's on the MQB platform share the same PCD (5x112) and centre bore (57.1) it should be relatively easy to find a space-saver on the second-hand market in a market as population-dense as Europe and the UK.
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