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Thanks for previous advice on this forum when I asked about T-ROC specifications before buying a T-ROC in Spain (where now Iive). I have now purchased a Spanish 2017 (registered 2018) VW T-ROC 1.5 TSI Sport with manual gearbox (and no kangerooing), and am looking for advice again in this UK T-ROC Forum because my understanding of the Spanish language is still not good enough for the Spanish T-ROC Forum.

My old car is a 2005 UK Jaguar X-Type V6 3.0 Sport Premium Estate, which is great to drive but getting a bit unreliable now, hence the purchase of a VW T-ROC.
But the T-ROC only has the puncture repair kit, so I am considering swapping the (Pirelli) T 125/85 R16 99M space saver spare (plus jack, wheelbrace, etc.) from the Jaguar to the T-ROC.

Would a (Pirelli) T 125/85 R16 99M Space Saver Spare be suitable and legal in the T-ROC?
And where would I find a suitable VW t-spindle to securely screw down the space saver spare in the T-ROC boot? - I have attached a photo of the T-ROC spindle mount, which is different from the Jaguar 'screw-in' spindle mount.

[I have read the other excellent Space Saver Spare threads in this forum but can't find one that mentions swapping a spare from another car]
You need the part,number 5Q0 803 899 ,if you need any information (piece measurements) you can ask,i think with 20€ more or less you can buy it
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