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DAB will be standard I'm sure
I'm not sure about DAB being standard, as some others have posted about DAB being absent when they got thir cars. There seems to be a move to Internet Radio, but again I'm not sure if that is standard and if it uses the built-in VW SIM for the internet feed or if you have to provide your own internet connection.

the question of heated front seats is a weird one. The configurator says that the "R-Line" has them as standard, but they are part of the "winter pack" on the R.
When I bought my car in 2019, the Winter Pack (comprising heated front seats, heated windscreen washer jets and low washer fluid warning light) was standard on the R-Line and optional on other trim levels, so that essentially meant the heated seats were 'standard' on the R-Line as they were part of the Winter Pack but they were not available as a stand-alone option or fitted as standard by themselves on any trim level.

I haven't checked the details in today's configurator, so that may have changed over the past 3 years.
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