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ABT, the German aftermarket tuning company, is known for taking stock German cars from Audi and adding power and other modifications.

The newest tuned creation from ABT is the Volkswagen T-Roc, they give it a pump in power along with some visual upgrades.

There is certainly no shortage of horsepower - particularly with the powerful 190 HP (140 kW) two litre engine. And this is still not the end of the story. The ABT Engine Control (AEC) unit developed by ABT Sportsline enables the four-cylinder engine to develop 228 HP (168 kW), giving the T-Roc 20 percent more power. The maximum torque is increased to 360 Nm, even challenging diesel engines in terms of engine power in the low rpm range.

While ABT Power delivers the "thrust",
ABT Suspension Springs provide the necessary control. With the standard all-wheel drive, lowering the front and rear ends by 35 to 40 mm makes the T-Roc as stable as a rock on the road - but much more dynamic.

The alloy wheels come from ABT Sportsline too. The German company has three attractive designs ranging between 18 and 20 inches in stock. The DR, FR and ER-C differ not only in design, but also in colour. The latter rim is even available in two versions.


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