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Picked up ours on Thursday.... Very happy with it.

Ended up paying for the extra "Winter Pack" as we kind of fancied heated seats... but more importantly, we wanted the washer fluid light.
What new car can you buy that doesn't come with that as standard anymore!?!?! :shock:

Anyway, we were lucky enough to find one in port at Grimsby with the Winter Pack.
The bad news was, it had the park assist that we didn't want. So the knocked the price of it off the car. Bonus.

The OTHER thing was, when it arrived, turned out it has the heated wheel too!
Wasn't in the VW system but it said it did on the manifest. We didn't order it, so they had to let us have it for free. :D

Loving it so far... not 100% sure about the lane assist, that is a little spooky.
Oh and had an issue with locking wheel nuts. Please read this. Moral of the story is, CHECK YOUR LOCKING WHEEL NUT FITS!

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