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Volkswagen is today taking the next step in the international marketing campaign for its new T-Roc.

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In cooperation with the global media company VICE, Volkswagen has developed an emotional campaign with Canadian model Winnie Harlow. The 22-year-old has a rare skin condition that may lead to depigmented patches on her skin. In the new Volkswagen campaign, an unmistakable personality meets an unmistakable car: Winnie Harlow meets the T-Roc.

From today, a film and various moving image and photo formats are being launched on the channels of the VICE network. In the second stage of the campaign the content will be provided via the social media channels of the Volkswagen brand, from February 21, 2018.

"Winnie Harlow embodies what the T-Roc stands for: confidence and perseverance from the beginning. Our inspiring campaign is based on authentic storytelling and a variety of innovative advertising formats. It is intended to address new target groups. We appear more confident and provide new impulses with our models," says Mirja Schneider, Head of Website Content and Digital Communication of the Volkswagen brand.

The campaign focuses on a 72-second film in which Winnie Harlow presents her unusual biography. In the film the characteristics of the new T-Roc, distinctiveness and confidence, are linked to the 22-year-old, allowing viewers to experience them.

Together with VIRTUE, the creative agency of VICE, Volkswagen has developed an authentic and emotional social media campaign specifically targeting young people and pleading for more courage to be different. Volkswagen showcases Winnie Harlow and the T-Roc as unconventional role models.



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