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Autocar have had an exclusive look around the T-Roc before it's official launch tonight.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Here are some of the key takeaways:

On Sale in December from £19,000
On sale in December from around £19,000, the T-Roc will be similar in size - around 4.2m long - to the Nissan Juke, which, along with the Mini Countryman and Vauxhall Mokka X, VW expects the T-Roc to rival.

Decent Space
"All our cars are successful because of luggage room, and room for passengers," said Frank Welsch, VW's head of R&D, "and this car has even more room than you'll find in a Golf".

As you'd expect, there's more shoulder and head room than in a Golf, but the boot is bigger, too, at 440 litres to the Golf's 385 litres.

The T-Roc is similar in length to a Golf, and very similar underneath to Audi's Q2, which is no surprise because it has been conceived on VW's modular MQB platform.

The T-Roc has a shorter front and longer rear overhang than a Golf and it rides around 8cm higher, but from the centre of its front wheels to the cabin, it's essentially the same as a Golf underneath, just taller, owing to a raised axle line.

Engine Options
There'll be six engine options at launch, three petrols and three diesels, one of each in 114bhp, 147bhp and 187bhp forms. Two and four-wheel drive will both be options, with manual and DSG dual-clutch automatic offered as well.

Suspension & Platform
All T-Rocs get multi-link suspension so there's no torsion-beam derivative. "We have SUV genes in here, so we can do more than a Golf does. You sit higher. The wheels are bigger. Lots of things are different, so we put multi-link in here," said Welsch.

Safety and Infotainment
Because it's based on the MQB platform, the T-Roc will be available with VW's full gamut of infotainment and safety tech. "This is a 100% online car," said Welsch.

Read the full article here:


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That is a very strange looking paint option! I honestly feel like it makes the car look horrible and takes away from the actual shape. I guess this is like putting an ugly dress on a beautiful model. Less is more!

Anyways, all this sounds great to me. I like that the wheels are bigger on this model as well.
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