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Just thought I would share this in case you have never been a VW owner before, plus looking at some of the other topics such as "coming home lights", if you didn't know how to do it they are a bit tricky to work out.

If you need to get to the w'wiper blades for cleaning, or just want to clean the windscreen without the wipers in the way, put the key in the ignition and turn the ignition on, no need to start the car, then turn it off again, then depress the RH stalk as if to operate the wipers. The wiper blade arms should then operate and park half way up the windscreen allowing you to pull them back away from the glass. When finished, push wipers back to the glass, key in ignition, turn on and operate the wiper stalk on Steering wheel, wipers should then park back in normal place.

Ian h
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