Voice Control/recognition issues

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John Henley
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Voice Control/recognition issues

Post by John Henley » Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:12 pm

I have a T-ROC 1.5 Evo SEL.
VW system Voice recognition is standard. I am really starting to lose patience with this
function. It does recognize "SD Card" and "Radio" . If I ask it to play phil collins on the SD card
in the manner prescribed, it wants to connect me to the phone. (Not just Phil Collins)

It is definitely Hit and Miss but mostly MISS.

Anyone else having this problem.
I pronounce the words very carefully but it still gets it wrong.
I think that it might have been better not to have included this function until the software was fully completed ?
Other than not having a clock on the active display when the analogue dials are there, it is a wonderful vehicle.

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