Wind Noise Driver's Window

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Wind Noise Driver's Window

Post by RP22 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:48 pm

We have a 1.5 TSI SEL DSG, 2019 registered [UK]. Mostly we are very pleased with it, it is a really good driving experience, but……

At about 45 mph a wind sound starts on the driver’s window. The intensity increases until at motorway speeds it is really annoying, and tiring. The passenger side has the same sound, but at a much, much reduced level. I would like to find out what it could be before I go to the dealer. Things I have learnt so far are:
1. It is very different intensity on the two sides, as stated above
2. If you turn round and go back down the same road, the high level of noise stays on the driver’s side [i.e. eliminating wind direction]
3. Some web sites e.g. What Car do not report it as a problem, others do e.g. Top Gear. There are others on both sides.
4. This difference confuses me: I could understand different trims with different size wheels having different road noise levels, but I would have thought all T-Rocs would have the same windscreen, wing mirrors, door panels etc. So why should some T-Rocs have window noise and others not?
5. There are various suggestions put forward by web sites such as big wing mirrors, air hitting the windscreen and being deflected, air hitting the wing mirror posts.
6. I have used masking tape both inside and outside of the door frame but none of this made any difference. I have also taped around the wing mirror – closing off the channel that runs around it, to no avail.

If anybody has an inkling as to what is causing this or how to fix it, I would be grateful. It takes the edge of what otherwise would be a great driving experience. Thank you

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