Intermittent Wiper issue

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Intermittent Wiper issue

Post by Topcat » Sun Mar 22, 2020 10:47 am

Hi all,

This is my first post to this forum.

I bought a second hand T-Roc in January of this year, it comes with a year's dealership warranty.

I soon noticed that the Intermittent Wiper function didn't work (I live in Ireland so lots of rain), no matter how heavy the rain they don't work. When I push the wiper stick up the wiper swipes once and then stops, I have tried all the speed settings for the Intermittent Wiper function and it simply won't work.

I took the car back to the dealership, they tested it by throwing a large amount of water on the screen and it worked, however in real life no matter how heavy the rain it doesn't work. I contacted the dealership again, they sent the following reply to me:

"I’m not sure how effectively the Auto Wiper function was explained to you on handover, but there is no Intermittent Wiper function on any vehicle that has Auto Wiper Function as standard which is the case with your car. The wipers will engage whenever it detects water/dirt on the camera/sensor on the top of the windscreen directly in front of the rearview mirror, they will only engage when this is detected and you can then adjust the time range of how often they engage.

A quick test on the auto wipers that you can do yourself is to spray water on the windscreen on the sensor located on the top centre of the windscreen to verify the function is correct. I do note your video and having experienced it myself in relatively heavy rain situations and the auto function is not as responsive as you would like it to be, but it is very important to remember that these are driver assistance systems and vitally important that as such, the drivers maintain effective control of all vehicle functions when in use."

Has anyone come across this issue before? My understanding from what the dealership is saying is that there is no point having Auto Wiper Function as it won't work in real life it will only work when you pinpoint water onto the sensor.

My guess is that the senor is not sensitive enough and it needs replacement.

Anyway, I'm hoping someone on this forum knows how to fix this issue and can point me in the right direction.

Many thanks everyone.
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Re: Intermittent Wiper issue

Post by Tricky2 » Sun Mar 22, 2020 2:45 pm

Hi topcat, I've got autowipe on both my 2015 Tiguan and my 2020 T-Cross, both work reliably.

Just a thought from what you've written: For auto wipers to work the lever has to be in the First position, which you refer to as intermittent. When you switch to this position, yes it will make one sweep. The switch on the top of the lever is sensitivity, most sensitive over to the right, least sensitive over to the left towards the steering wheel.

Try this, ignition on, wiper up to 1st position, sensitivity to maximum (right) get out and hose the screen. Wipers should start, intermittently with a very fine spray, continuous with more water, and High speed if you're drenching it.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Intermittent Wiper issue

Post by Impala » Sun Mar 22, 2020 4:14 pm

Hi TC and welcome to the forum.

Iw ould describe the wipers as intermittently variable, or variably intermittent, but there is a degree of inconsistency.

As Tricky said above, I was slightly puzzled by your description of one wipe when you move the stalk to the first position. Moving from the Off position, there are three possible positions moving the stalk upwards.

The first is the variable/intermittent/auto (choose your own word) position. Some people like to leave their wipers in this position, relying on the presence of rain (or not) to activate and deactivate the wiping function, however I prefer to move the stalk back to the Off position as my experience over many years and several cars is that you can occasionally get an unexpected sweep on a dry screen when there is absolutely no rain about. When in the first position, it is possible to increase/decrease the sensitivity of the rain sensor as Tricky described and this alters the interval between sweeps. However, another feature of the auto position is that the sweep rate can change to continuous as the rain becomes heavier, and then can become a 'fast wipe' in very heavy rain.

The second and third positions moving the stalk upwards turn the wipers On continuously at normal speed and fast speed respectively.

There is one position down for the Off position. This is non-latching and provides a flick wipe.

Returning to the performance of the variable/intermittent/auto position, I find that sometimes there is a reluctance to wipe until the water on the screen almost completely obscures vision, while on most occasions the wipers sweep regularly with the same amount of rain. The manual will advise cleaning the windscreen around the sensor position, but I really can't find any consistency as to why this sometimes happens. On the whole, the auto function works reasonably well, but it is certainly not 100% reliable.

To overcome the reluctance to auto wipe, there are 3 choices; use flick-wipe, increase the sensitivity while the stalk is in the 1st (auto) position or move the stalk to the 2nd or 3rd position for a continuous sweep.
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